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by Casa Viviana

Handmade wax bowl and matching votive candle by master candlemaker Doña Viviana Alávez at Casa Viviana in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Pantalla means lampshade! Place the votive inside it’s shade to create a warm atmospheric glow and subtley sweet scent. When the votive burns down, you can replace it with your own to ensure a long lasting life of your pantalla.

*Please note*
These candles are delicate in nature and each flower is applied by hand. While we make every effort to ensure they arrive in perfect condition, there is a small chance a flower may come off during shipping. If this is the case, they are easily reattached with a little bit of heat.

100% naturally dyed beeswax
H4.5” x L7.5” x W7.5”


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